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Influence Direct is the premier source for direct mail printing and mailing services for Insurance Marketing. We understand the importance to reach your target audience with a creative mail piece. Our goal is to get in front of consumers with the right offer that makes your company stand out from the competition.


Insurance is one of the few industries where every single consumer and household in the United States is a viable prospect. Direct mail is one of the most trusted marketing channels to target insurance prospects with prospective insurance offers. Influence Direct provides high quality insurance direct mail programs to generate leads for the following insurance lines: Property & Casualty, Automtoive, Mortgage Protection, Medicare Supplement and more.


With the ability to print and mail your insurance mail pieces in 48 hours or less at the lowest prices available, Influence Direct can help you maintain a steady flow of quality insurance leads month after month.


Influence Direct can print and mail any type of Insurance mail piece including black and white or color insurance letters, black and white or color insurance snap packs, black and white or color insurance postcards, and a variety of insurance envelopes including single window, double window, single color, full color and brown kraft.


If you are looking for a insurance direct mail quote, click here and fill out the quote form, and a member of our Client Services team will follow up with you to assist you.

Our Strategy
We are the premier source for direct mail printing and mailing services. We help organizations with the acquisition, development, and retention of a profitable client base. Influence Direct understands the need to reach your target market at just the right time. We direct your efforts to increase and maintain market share profitability.


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