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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the premier source for direct mail printing and mailing services. We help organizations with the acquisition, development, and retention of a profitable client base. Influence Direct understands the need to reach your target market at just the right time. We direct your efforts to increase and maintain market share profitability.

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What We Believe

Influence Direct

We call ourselves Influence Direct for one reason. In marketing, the partner you choose has a direct influence on the results you get. We let our clients know that we want them to be direct with us so that we can influence their customers in a cost effective and timely way. With our no-nonsense pricing approach each client can maximize their budget, stay on time and deliver results.

  • We believe in industry specific direct mail
  • We offer industry specific, proven direct mail campaigns that work
  • We believe that direct mail influences consumers
  • We believe that direct mail works

And we have a body of work that speaks for itself.

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What We Do

What We Do

We print and mail a variety of mail piece types for dozens of unique industries. Our client base utilizes the most effective mail pieces with turn-key fulfillment, tracking and reporting. With the assistance of our direct mail printing and mailing services, Influence Direct clients enjoy increased direct marketing ROI.

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How We Do It

HP Indigo

Influence Direct has a combined 40 years of successful direct mail experience that allows us to provide this unique value to our clients. By utilizing state of the art digital print equipment, Influence Direct can create print and mail a variety of mail pieces. Our real-time order, fulfillment, and tracking networks deliver the highest level of sophisticated direct mail services available at the click of a button, whenever our customers need it.

We provide our clients with:

  • Daily Tracking Reports
  • Variety of Mail Piece Types
  • Custom Variable Image and Data Printing
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Every Client Gets The “A” Team

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Meet the Influencers

Andy Riddle

Andy Riddle


Andy manages the strategic direction of Influence Direct. He co-founded the company with Jeremy Crosslin to develop a new generation of direct mail printing and mailing solutions using intelligent asset utilization. Andy is a marketing veteran spending the past 20 years working for some of the brightest organizations in the marketing industry. His expertise is now being applied to the development and delivery of Influence Direct’s mail clients.

Jeremy Crosslin

Jeremy Crosslin


Jeremy manages the operational and customer implementation direction of Influence Direct. Jeremy is a seasoned marketing strategist spending the past 10 years in the direct marketing industry consulting hundreds of clients across multiple industries. Through his direct marketing expertise, Jeremy has increased client acquisition and retention ROI for hundreds of clients via multiple direct marketing channels.